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相手の方が上手(うわて)。The other party is better.



This blog also has an English translation.

I am using the translation function, but I am editing based on the text.

It's still hard to read, but if you are interested, please read it.

I think every time, but it is difficult to translate Japanese into English and express my feelings.

I'm confused by the difference in grammar.





What I did yesterday is better at the other party.

The winning percentage is around 25%.






Documents for COVID-19 vaccination.
The date of inoculation and the vaccine manufacturer are recorded.



午後は COVID-19 のワクチン接種に行った。





In the afternoon, I went to COVID-19 vaccination.

It was explained that it was made by Moderna, which has a lot of side effects, but I don't care about it.

I was away from my hometown to get my license, so the vaccination was delayed.

I don't want to get infected and increase the burden on health care workers.

Even if the state of emergency is lifted, I'm still alert.





Yesterday, the injected part was only aching, and there was no change in body temperature.

When I woke up this morning and measured it, it was 36.9 degrees. It's a little spicy for me. I have chills.

The injected part hurts my muscles. I'll spend my time resting.