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また、やらかした!Also, I did it!



This blog also has an English translation.

I am using the translation function, but I am editing based on the text.

It's still hard to read, but if you are interested, please read it.

I think every time, but it is difficult to translate Japanese into English and express my feelings.

I'm confused by the difference in grammar.




It's a shock. I paid 7,100 yen, but ...





HDD の品番を間違えて購入した。


I bought the HDD with the wrong part number.

Since it has been opened, it cannot be returned or exchanged.




プリンタのインク。電球。工具。で、HDD 。




Order mistake. It is in the memory of the past four times.

Printer ink. light bulb. tool. And HDD.

I'm doing this when I'm forced to save money. Pathetic.

I gave up because light bulbs and tools are cheap, but ¥ 7,100 is painful.

The ink for the printer was able to be sold. I was able to collect a little money.




やるだけやってみよう。放置しても “高価なゴミ” 扱いだ。

幸い HDD の機能に異常が出ないので救われている。


Would you like to put it up for auction?

There seems to be no demand, so it may not be sold.

Let's just do it. Even if left unattended, it is treated as “expensive garbage”.

Fortunately, there is no abnormality in the function of the HDD, so it is saved.

It happened frequently in the past.


“試運転” をしているこのノートパソコン。



This laptop is doing a "test run".

When it recovers, I plan to replace it with a desktop.

I can't stand the action of repeating freezes and no reaction.


改めて HDD を購入して Windows 10 のインストールしないと。


HDD が新品なら、リカバリディスクが不要なんだそうだ。



I have to buy HDD again and install Windows 10.

I also contacted the manufacturer directly regarding this.

If the HDD is new, you don't need a recovery disc.

It's good to get the information, but it's risky to send it from here, and it can cause problems.

I still create blogs on my laptop and post on my desktop.



I'll start with what I can do. I have to secure a budget. (T_T)





The Cello Song - (Bach is back with 7 more cellos) - The Piano Guys






 I don't have this idea. Sensitivity that you definitely want to get.

… Before that, let's reduce mistakes.