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多過ぎる種類。Too many types.



This blog also has an English translation.

I am using the translation function, but I am editing based on the text.

It's still hard to read, but if you are interested, please read it.

I think every time, but it is difficult to translate Japanese into English and express my feelings.

I'm confused by the difference in grammar.






此処に写っているのは、総べて CUB のスイッチ部品。



ご覧のようにライトスイッチがある。[・  P  H  ]  と表記されている。

中央の部品には [・ P ] しかない。左側に至っては、スイッチそのものがない。

この [・P  H ] は、それぞれオフ・ポジション・ヘッドライトの意味がある。





All the switch parts of CUB are shown here.

It is attached to the left side of the steering wheel. At this point, there are three types.

The one on the right is the one in use, and the one with the horn switch replaced.

As you can see, there is a light switch. It is written as [・ P / H].

There is only [・ P] in the central part. On the left side, there is no switch itself.

This [・ P / H] has the meaning of off-position headlights, respectively.

Each is divided and fixed so that it is sandwiched between the handlebars.

This, the internal shape of the main body itself is different.

The only difference is whether the light switch is present or not ...

Perhaps there are other variations as well. 






オレの CUB はそれ以前に製造されているから、スイッチを取り付けても違法ではない。




By the way, the manufacturers were the same.

Even if I have some knowledge of the processing and structure of industrial products, I cannot understand the meaning of changing.

I am convinced that there is a switch. The law has changed and it is mandatory to turn on the lights.

(Applicable to vehicles produced after March 31, 1998. Not applicable before that)

My CUB was manufactured before that, so it's not illegal to install a switch.

In the first place ... I hate the fact that the lights can't be turned off.

I will go to the bike shop on Friday to check the installation and operation.

After that, it would be perfect if the engine started ...



ノートパソコン用の HDD と BDD のケース交換に必要な精密ドライバーも購入した。



Windows 10 の導入やプログラムの再構築など、一気に実行。





I also bought a precision screwdriver needed to replace the HDD and BDD case for my laptop.

It arrives on weekends. We plan to collect necessary information in advance.

Since I don't have any knowledge about computers, there are many things I don't understand.

Install Windows 10 and rebuild programs at once.

Once it's fully functional, it can be used as a desktop replacement.

Even now, I edit blogs and writings on my laptop.

Sending and publishing are done on the desktop to prevent troubles.

I'm sharing the data, so that's okay.





These are also tasks that must be cleaned up.

Step by step, I will definitely go.

Time is flowing. It's stagnant around me, but it's still starting to flow little by little.




If you know [JIN-仁-], you can understand why you chose this song.