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鈍らせない。Do not dull.



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転倒して痛い思いをするのはオレだし、CUB を損傷させる訳にはいかない。


When I delivered the newspaper this morning, the rain had stopped but the road surface was wet.

As a matter of course, the way of running should be adjusted accordingly.

Not only avoiding slippery manholes and gratings as much as possible, but also considering speed.

The braking point is also a little closer. I wonder if it can be described as a softer way to run than usual.

I'm the one who falls and feels painful, and I can't afford to damage the CUB.

I continued to deliver newspapers with that in mind. This is always the case when the road is wet.




ところが、CUB を停めて降車する際にオレ自身が転倒。



転んだ際の勢いは “受け身” の態勢で流し、頭も庇う。



CUB のヘッドライトで照らし、もう一度確認する。大丈夫だ…。安心した。


Some newspapers deliver only once a month. There are only two.

It was unusual for me to make a mistake in the delivery address, so I held it in my left hand.

Because it was the next delivery destination.

However, when I stopped the CUB and got off, I fell down.

The rainwear was wearing got caught.

I fell to left, even though I had a newspaper in left hand.

The elbow of the left arm touches the ground. If you knock down his arm as it is, the newspaper will get wet.

Unknowingly puts effort into arm.

Momentum when falls is "Ukemi" and covers head.

At the same time, the recognition that "there is a helmet" works, and he concentrates on his left hand.

It will be less than 2 seconds during this time. Stands up and checks the newspaper. Not wet.

Illuminate with the CUB headlights and check again. Fine…. I was relieved.

There is no damage to the body. The jumper just got a little wet and dirty.

*"Ukemi" is a word used in judo. A defensive posture to reduce physical damage in martial arts such as judo.


オレは “受け身” を学んだことはない。自然に身に付いていた。


I have never learned "Ukemi". I was able to do it naturally.

I had the same experience in the past. It's been a while since I've done this, but my body remembered it.






Irregularity literally happens suddenly. It's up to me to deal with it.

This time it was okay. Wetting newspapers without spares exacerbates the problem.

Motorcycles have much higher risks than cars. Although it is very convenient to use for newspaper delivery.




それでは遅すぎる。よく例えられるのは “空走距離” ってやつだ。








Do not dull your senses. This can be said for anything.

Information input from the eyes is transmitted to the brain, and the processed signals move the body.

This is too late. A common analogy is "flying distance".

I heard that the pianist is hitting the keyboard every day.

Needless to say, the purpose is to maintain the sensation of the fingertips.

I used to bring my own car and ran on the circuit.

On a course where the top speed reaches 240km / h.

However, if the interval between non-running times is large, the eyesight cannot keep up with the speed. So-called ... Deterioration of dynamic visual acuity.

Even if you are told to drive a car on the circuit now, you can't do what it used to be.

That's what the senses are.






This time it was safe. It doesn't matter if you get wet or dirty.

If you have an accident that involves a fall or injury while driving, it is not a personal problem.

Snowfall is expected. Rainfall is already standard.

I realized the importance of continuing to sharpen my senses.





The culmination of a sharpened sense.



辻井伸行 ラ・カンパネラ